Website Hosting & Management

There’s more to hosting websites then simply providing space on a server.  There are many options and it depends on the needs of your business.  Our server is based in the US offering outstanding reliability and FAST download times.  Our server is maintained and monitored 24/ 7 by own team.

We do not offer hosting only – hosting is only for websites developed by MMC.

Maintenance Management
How much needs to be invested in this area is determined by what you want to do with your site. For most of our clients’ sites, once the site is posted, it is pretty much trouble free. Of course your site needs to be regularly re-submitted to search engines to keep the traffic coming, but this is usually done monthly to maximize listing on the search engines and to prevent being banned from the search engine for “spamdexing,” registering to frequently. Also if there is reference to prices, special offers or seasonal information then this content would need to be maintained and kept up-to-date.